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"Gaeshi (who warms nice cool pillows)"? That's got to be the least scary demon I've ever heard of.

  • That particular demon bedevils me many a time, especially on trips where the hotel has no air conditioning... -Derrick.
If there's no A/C, was the pillow ever nice and cool? (And what kind of third-world countries are you visiting where the hotel doesn't have air conditioning?)
Anyway, there's already a name for the entity that heats up previously cool pillows. It's called "your head". Xian 12:37, 4 November 2009 (EST)
Yes, pillows can be nice and cool without an A/C. And over half the hotels in Turkey didn't have air conditioning. -Derrick
  • And we could have had a favor from him, instead of the Radish Spirit. (Actually, I don't think he got put in the bottle. But he coulda.)

(And having a demon named Oni and a spirit named Oni is pretty confusing. How about a sazae-oni?)

What's a Sunrise Tower? --HeidiB 14:04, 13 November 2009 (EST)

It's a very spiffy resort. --Fearless 14:22, 13 November 2009 (EST)