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Wow. I need to learn Got Your Nose before I hit level 5 so I can really, truly have a "Go For the Eyes" schtick! --HeidiB 15:19, 21 April 2010 (EDT)

Some commentary that's come up in discussion of some of the master traits:

Mastery shticks are more about the "master" part of your concept than the specialty itself. So, they include things like having students, modifying other shticks, building dojos, reputations, nerfing mooks, teaching skills in combat, bonus inherent skills, transferable skill points, evaluation of peers and rivals, immunity to lesser mortals, etc.

In general, a Personal Style might be seen as a narrowing of your concept. It does allow limited expansion, and shticks bought in your personal style later count as major concept regardless of aspect, but it's not meant to be a large expansion of your concept.

The canonical example:

Kung Fu Master -> Yellow Silk Kung Fu Master
Skill: Kung Fu -> Yellow Silk Kung Fu

All Master Long's shticks involve yellow silk, and he has expanded a little bit in order to include healing by wrapping in yellow silk; this particular healing shtick would be in major concept for someone with Yellow Silk Kung Fu in their concept, even if the practitioner is a tiger. (A student with an Aspect of Tiger learning from Master Long, whose concept was just "Kung Fu artist," would not get the healing shtick in concept at all.) So it's an advantage (in that you can push to expand a little), and a disadvantage (in that it becomes harder to learn from other teachers and stay in major concept).