The Imperial Job (Plan)

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Preparations to Rob the Imperial Treasury

  • Contact River Ford and his group
  • Make them an offer to get them to plan the actual job.
    • Initial offer: Every participant gets one equal value monetary share; each group treasury (theirs and ours) also gets one additional share (to give something to those not in the run). We get first dibs on magic items, they get first dibs on all other stuff.
  • Shen-Ji gets a tour of the Imperial Treasury with permission from the Alchemist or the Beautiful Isle regent
    • He brings along one of Ford's group as an aide/servant, to get them a chance to case the joint from the inside.
  • Ford comes up with the actual plan to rob the place.
    • Requirements from our side include:
      • Members of the party cannot be found out to have been involved in this. [Probably requires magic to insure this.]
      • Shen-Ji requires an opportunity to do the ritual on the Metal Elemental in the Treasury.
    • Ford can specify requirements from his side.
  • NOTE: The Cartogramancer can track talismans. Don't take them on the raid, or he'll have evidence we were there.

Scry-guarding (Horse horse horse horse)

We get one week of scry protection for up to 500 people, from Horse, plus one year of protection on the loot.

  • Ford's list (~150) (the Crew plus "everyone wearing the masks in this box")
  • The Thieves' Guilds' Lists (less than 100 by a bit)
  • The party (and the named NPCs from the circus) (~30?)
  • The Lesser Talisman carriers we know (Kar Fai, Pho, Renyu)
  • The Dog / Serpent / Tiger / Tortoise / Fox / Crane talismans
  • The Path of Knowledge and his Tortoise Warriors
  • The King of the Taiga (and the new Hand, if there is one)
  • The Cartogromancer
  • The Dukes of the Hidden City and a handful of their well known advisors/agents each (~50)
  • A selection of well known metal sorcerors (10-20, including Ezokin)
  • Xingfu Yin-Xiang
  • Merit's special ops team
  • A bunch of spies, including the Si Fan
  • Some ninja clans specializing in theft and sabotage
  • A bunch of Arcade House members
  • Lord Hawk
  • The Imperial Archivist

Extra 20%

  • The Great Talisman of the Phoenix
  • The Horse Statue to be left behind; origins permanently obscured