Xian and Lijuan's Comedy Routine (needs some work)

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Xian: Those are beautiful flowers, Lijuan. Where did you get them?
Lijuan: Don't you remember, Xian? You said that if I went to visit Su-yin at the healing house I should take her flowers. So, when she wasn't looking, I did.

Lijuan: When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half. (pause) ta-DAH!!!

Xian: Well, Lijuan, we've finally made it! (brandishes small cloth bag labelled "LOTS OF LI") For years, we've labored, we've scrimped, we've saved. We've gone without food, done without comforts, slowly accumulating our little nest egg, li by li, and here it is! (shakes bag triumphantly in the air) Half yours and half mine, to take care of us for the rest of our years!

(At this moment, a NINJA decloaks immediately next to Xian. The ninja's katana is now resting with its tip pressing ever so gently against the base of Xian's neck. The ninja proclaims, "I'll have that little prize now" and vanishes into the shadows with the loot.)

Lijuan (shrugging): Oh, well. Easy come, easy go!