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This Spire was built by the party as part of the working for the Foxwoods Naming Ritual, which successfully concluded at a chapter end to be linked later. Due to some complicated legal maneuvering (to prevent the Marked from legally seizing it), it is jointly owned by the Jade Taiga, the Regency Council, and the Emperor's Holdings.

The Architect, Ou Zhang, worked closely with Xiao Fa to secure for the Spire the following attributes:

  • A good political location (it's nearly at the center of the City of Spires)
  • It has good growth potential
  • It has good feng shui
  • The entire site, and the Spire, exude an appropriately humble yet dignified and caring symbolism.

During the course of construction, a couple of concerns became apparent:

  • It is awkwardly located right next to the Plains of Honor embassy, which country hasn't been so happy with us lately
  • It is haunted.

The Spire has two entrances; the back entrance is situated so as to facilitate covert entry and exit. Its exterior has two subtly-different colors of stone, which if you look closely would give the impression of two dragons intertwined around the tower, one descending, with claws "pointing" towards the neighbors, either in welcome or caution, one ascending to the sky.

The official name of the Spire, at the time of its construction, was "The Spire of Abundant Harmony and Citizenship Across The Empire". This name is not widely remembered at this point, as the populace of the City of Spires spontaneously began referring to it as the Dragon Spire soon after it was finished.

Three Imperial Departments have branch offices in the Spire:

  • The Regency Council maintains an office which is (by precedent) an alternative meeting location if for some reason the Council Chambers in the capital are not usable or available. Correspondence to and from the Regency Council can be routed through this office, and Council officials are available for certain functions. In addition to a Council Chamber there are private offices and meeting rooms which are available to traveling Regents at any time.
  • The Imperial Cultural Office, which is tasked with curating and obtaining works of cultural significance for the Empire. Minister Asahara, a senior official in the Cultural Office, is resident here.
  • The Imperial Spy Service. Inspector Ando is the station chief. The public name of this Office is "The Imperial Bureau of River Management". The Office has received some karma blessings from PCs:
    • Zhu Cai Wen: May those who work here be dealt into every game
    • Shen Wei Han: May this place always be well-defended
    • Tokai Takanata: Those who work here will have insight into the actions of those they question
    • Wu Shuyan: Spring storms flaring up / Opponents lowering their guard / Heaven's blessings rain down
    • Master Zhou: Strength wielded with Honor / Returns Honor when Strength falters

Notable events which have occurred in or on the grounds of this Spire:

  • A great speech given by Lo Xiao Fa, announcing his engagement to a Lady of the Taiga, Song Min Feng.