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Pre-run Miniruns

Of Cabbages and Coins - In which two monks, a mysterious stranger, and his bodyguard conduct dispute resolution, watch fireworks, and survive a deadly ninja attack.
The Shadow of the Wall - In which Teng Hanako serves tea to her soon-to-be kidnappers, Madame Cho is astonished to be visited by Tokai Takanata himself, Takanata borrows Hana's comb, Hana's twin brother Hiroki secretes a sword on his person, and everyone almost manages to prevent the bad guys from killing Hana.
Boot to the Head - In which an extremely motley assortment of people encounter a badly injured acrobat and part-time treasure hunter, hire a carriage and then abandon it halfway to their destination, and Shen-Ji gets kicked in the head repeatedly.

Book One

In which the party, accompanying the Circus of Silken Wings, quests for a Tincture of Pure Respite to cure His Majesty Ti Lao.

The Providence of Coincidence - In which the day dawns on many unconnected individuals, but closes on a single group united in the search for a cure for the Butterfly King.
Three Hour Tour - In which the Circus, driven before blockade and kraken and storm, lands far off-course, beyond the northern Wall, and must find its way back to the 12 Kingdoms.
Ghost Hunters - In which the Circus, having returned to the haven of the 12 Kingdoms, is visited by officials and ghosts and hunters of various types.
Alike in Dignity - In which the Circus is visited by lovers and a suspicious woman who turns out to be not bad at all, and a Party is attended.
The Price of Good Fortune - In which the Party helps a Strange and Wondrous Troupe of Players, to the annoyance of a certain sorcerous magpie.
Dream Eater - In which the Party encounters a strangely uncaring village and defeats the yumekui which has eaten their hopes and dreams.
Ship of Gold - In which the Butterfly Kingdom pays an (unfair?) Tribute to the Savanna of Tears, and the Party must thwart an attempt to substitute forgeries and cause war.
Substitutions - In which the Southrons try (and fail) to use a different pair of twins for their ritual, and Wei Han is briefly re-assigned elsewhere.
The Coil - In which the spy-prison of the Strand is ventured into, and, even more remarkably, ventured out of again.
Fire and Ice - In which the Circus meets the Summer Guardian of the South Wall as the Southrons attempt again to use Hana and Hiro for nefarious ends, and Ice Chips of Doom are first encountered.
Four Brothers - In which a mysterious plot to ... reroute the highways? is thwarted.
Whispered Secrets - In which the Queen of the Strand throws a party, and the Tincture of Pure Respite is finally obtained.
Book of Five Rings - In which a funeral proves more complicated than can be imagined, and various magic rings are put on various fingers.
Bureaucracy for Beginners - In which the Circus repulses the forces of bureaucracy in the City of Spires, and manages to not come to the notice of the Obsidian Warlord.
Night of Gates - In which the Circus is beset by Monster River Pirates, and various members thereof attend a most unusual costume ball.
The Eternal Dream - In which a war is slightly averted, sleeping monks are awakened, and a Butterfly is rescued.
Unwelcome Invitation - In which the Circus is not summoned to the Hidden City, and Hana is not kidnapped.
Monarch Butterfly - In which the Cure is presented to His Majesty, and secrets of the Spider are revealed.

Day of the Spider Miniruns

Death Blossom, in which unpleasant flowers are found near the North Wall and Fa Mulan is given a Destiny.
Trail of Injustice, in which Yoshi meets an old friend and young gang members are inspired.
Phoenix Hunt, in which the inexplicable art of hunting the Phoenix drafts several of the party into assistance.
Home Front, in which those not scattered across the Twelve Kingdoms assist Kuan-Xi escape her pursuers.
Boys' Night Out, in which several young men find themselves in the harem of High Warlord Ze, and meet a master ninja.
A Marvelous Party, in which the machinations between Fire and Water Dukes returns, and Cai Wen gets an invitation to tea with the Pearl of the Taiga.

Book Two

In which the party seeks (and finds!) the Butterfly Prince and escorts him home, and then wanders around for a while before returning to the Butterfly Kingdom.

Zen Sinker Tour - In which the Butterfly Prince is sought in the Hon'eth Arcade and Ezokin is thwarted again.
On the River
Sands of Blood
Serpent's Egg
Travelling with the Butterfly Prince: Part I
Travelling with the Butterfly Prince: Part II
Travelling with the Butterfly Prince: Conclusion
Truth and Beauty
Phoenix Hearth
A River Befouled
Compass Rose
A Note for You
Coin of the Magpie
Noodles of Fu Manchu
Recondite Tributaries
Dream Sequence
Fox in Socks
The Eighth Name

Book Two Miniruns

In which the party investigates different things during the Circus's downtime

Monkey Hunt
Salamander Hunt
Memory Hunt
Information Hunt
Whale Hunt

Book Three

A Busy Day
Opening Cages
Amateur Necromancy
Dream a Little Dream
Odds and Ends
The Real Inspector Fu
Ancestor Spirit
A New Shadow
Ting Ting's Gambit
Over the Mountains and Through the Woods
Touched by the Dragon
Three Ring Yoshi
Children of the Bamboo
Shadow Puppets
Life in the North
Up for Grabs
Enemies of My Enemies
Thousand Li Horse
The Scheme of Zi Pon
Library Cards
Three Days of the Spider

Book Three Miniruns

Order and Chaos
Water and Fire
Seahorses and Riding Whales
History and Fiction
House Sung and House Zhen
Worlds and Oceans
Lost and Found
Horses and Riders
Outsides and Insides
Shadows and Light

Book Four

All My Fault
Night of Gates III
Traveling Without the Butterfly Prince
Hidden City: Outer Ring
Hidden City: Inner Ring
The Twelve Days of Winter
Hidden City: Ivory
Winter Has Come
Cavalry Charge
Wolves in Wolves Clothing
The Party Throws a Party
Favors Owed
Battle Fractures
Imperial Wedding

Book Four Miniruns

Creation of Water
Creation of Horse
Creation of Light
Creation of Trade
Creation of the Law

Book Five

The New Ringmaster Te
No Port in a Storm
Stirring up Trouble
The Producer
Stone in the Earth
A Horse and His Boy
Dramatic Arts
Traveling with the Butterfly Prince's Servant
Battle for the Ice Pagoda
Whispered Secrets II
The First Step of Vengeance
Journey's End
Dar War Bar
Letters of Exposition
Shadow Yoshi

Book Five Miniruns

Barrel of Monkeys
Spirits of Men
Keepers of Brothers
Children of Heaven
Configuration of the Wall

Book Six

Framing the Party
Ninja Quest
The Castle of Doctor Wu
Bandit Ambush
Terra Cotta
Night of Gates IV
Yang Shen-Ji and the Goblet of Fire
Left Behind
Card Games
Traps Within Traps
Politics in Motion
Tortoise and Panda
The Imperial Job
Fruit Fight
Cave of Wonders
Bear for Sale
Silence is Crimson
Rule of Threes

Book Six Miniruns

Word of the Dragon
Pairwise Alignment
Bidding War
Panda Trail
Mini Mammoths
Demon Hunt

Book Seven

One for Sorrow
The Second Sign
Night of Gates V
Full House
Cabbage Soup
Waiting for Torot
The Three Investigators
Noodling About
Boots on the Wall
Mystic Mondo and the Nine Ninja of Doom
The First Interferences
Moving Targets
Haunted Castle
Not My Wall
Driven to Distraction
Enemy of the State
Not on Schedule
The City, Hidden
Escort Mission
Letters Home
Against the North!

Book Seven Miniruns

Party of Five Rings
Throne Investigations
The Takanata Conspiracy
Drawing Blood

Book Eight

Prop Mastery
Maps of Escalating Doom
The King in Yellow
Night of Gates VI.1
Night of Gates VI.2
Two Parties and a Wedding
Off the Map
Ice Wyrm
Kali's Prisoner
The Whale Sage
Chochiro's List Part I
Chochiro's List Part II
Chochiro's List Part III
Chochiro's List Part IV
Return of the King

Book Eight Miniruns

The Adjectives of Monetary Disaster
Command Economy
Getting A Rock
Unexpected Orchid

Book Nine

Something We Forgot
Remembering Mondo
Sunken Treasure
Lesser of Two Evils
A Tale of Two Tea Houses
The Benevolent Fist of Xiao Fa
Casting the Die
Occupying Force
All for the Best
Into the Web
Distracting the Spider
Dark Temptations
Trap of Five Rings
Conclave of Minor Houses
Mystery in the Forest
Who Watches Over You
Dreams Below

Book Nine Miniruns

The Nature of Kuan-Xi
Dragon Boats
Zombie Statistics
Kasumi Makes Friends
Exuberant Dogoodery
Homeworking the Steppes
Roots of the Family Tree

Book Ten

House of Jade
Testing, One Two Three
Bandit Tracks
Night of Gates VIII
Stars and Stones
A Really Good Time
Tripartite II
Tripartite III
The Hills Are Alive
Tying Loose Ends
Persona Non
The Noon Fool
Vice Mayor
Night of Gates IX
D is for Dissension
Death by Chocolate
Expedition to the Mountains of Heaven

Book Ten Miniruns

Endlessly Expansive
Black Ravine
The Mind Palace
Black and White
Smooth as Silk
Light and Dark