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  • Adina -- Wu Shuyan grew up in the circus; she's a performer and a Serpent. One of her performing skills involves snake handling, and she can heal people by having her snakes bite them. The snakes can also be used in combat for distraction, and eventually will be able to do damage, entangle, and so on.
  • Andrea -- Hanako or "Hana." Yin twin to Marleigh's Yang twin. Courtesan/Geisha/whatever you call it (talking, social graces, art), Phoenix. I will also be weirdshit, but have not quite figured out what abilities that translates into in terms of Charles's list. (I may turn out to be a bit swiss-army-knife-ish, even though that's rarely a good idea. :) ) The Twins belong to the extended Tokai family.
  • Andrew (Grant) - Li Merit, the Circus provisioner / stage manager. Retired traveling merchant, who got bored and kind of fell into the circus about ten years ago. Magpie Scrounger- acquires stuff, info, and contacts.
  • Andrew (Twyman) - Anto An elemental-themed Martial Artist / Sorcerer, drawing inspiration from Avatar and Exalted. Uses martial katas as a way of channeling supernatural forces. Focusing primarily on combat, but with other element-manipulation effects too, mixing all 5 elements.
  • Brian - Deng Zhi-Hao: Weapons Master of the Court of the Butterfly. Local boy done good...gone off to learn the fighting trade...came back and appointed to the position.
  • Cael - Xiān
  • Charles - I'm an old adviser/seer to Ti Lao, Tokai Takanata.
  • Chris - I'm thinking of playing a character who redeems those who have turned to evil. My inspiration is Rurouni Kenshin, but the backstory I have in mind is different. Details at Yoshi
  • Derrick - Yang Shen-Ji, a metal sorceror. A city boy and used to the creature comforts of Court, his master is encouraging him to get out and see the world.
  • Diandra - Tsai Su-yin is a young monk eager to try to help the world, but occasionally struggles with her Tiger-touched personality.
  • Eon - Xiao Fa, Wandering zen priest, trying to turn his life around from the mistakes of a misspent youth.
  • Heidi - Lijuan, crane/archer. Until Yoshi "tamed" her and took her in, Lijuan was a vagabond and petty thief, living off the land and whatever she could steal. Despite Yoshi's attempts to reform her, she is still occasionally rebellious and disrespectful.
(If you're still indecisive, I kinda liked the Zen Archer concept -- "Of course I can hit that window from 500 feet through the Fog with a rope trailing from the arrow so the Princess can escape - don't you have something *hard* for me to do?" -- Charles)
  • Jerry - Zhu Cai-Wen arrived recently at the Butterfly Court, having been escorted there by Shen Wei Han. He subsequently hooked on with the circus, doing odd jobs such as warming up the crowd before the show. He is rumored to be a Gambler/Fox. He is often seen with a woman on his arm, and his pet ferret is never far away.
  • Song Min Feng -- Brought to the Butterfly Court from elsewhere by Xiao Fa and adopted as ward byTakanata about nine months ago. A pretty, wide-eyed, but shy teenager, recently turned fifteen.
  • Marleigh — Tokai Hiroki or "Hiro." Yang twin to Andrea's Yin twin, with some weirdshit and/or Twelfth Night hijinks thrown in. The Twins belong to the extended Tokai family..
  • Meg - Ninja Monkey! I mean "Monkey/Underappreciated Ninja"
  • Robert - Shen Wei Han is a soldier, recently assigned to escort Zhu Cai-Wen to the Butterfly Kingdom.
  • Tom - My current theory is a kung fu master, of the Drill Sergeant archetype, rather than the Wise Obscure Old Master archetype. Probably Tortoise.

People should one, feel free to contact each other to discuss common character backgrounds, and two, feel free to edit this page with any character notes you want to share. For those of you who don't know everyone else, ask the GMs and we'll provide introductions.

Gratuitous suggestion from Andrea: someone should play the bumbling martial arts student, who can't learn basic moves to save his/her life, yet is strangely effective at knocking people out by tripping over his/her own feet. :)

Party Roles

I made a first pass at filling this in from descriptions. If you have some idea what your character is likely to do, feel free to add it here, even if you don't have a character background fleshed out. If you need ideas still, look at areas we don't have much.  :-)

  • Combat - Chris, Rob, Tom, Brian, 0.5Diandra, .75*Kurgan, .75*Heidi
  • Sneak - Kate (ssh), Meg, .25*Heidi
  • Sorcerer - Derrick, .25*Kurgan
  • Healer - 0.5Diandra, Adina(?), 0.5Eon
  • Support - 0.5Eon
  • Talker - .5*Charles, .5*Andrea?. 0.5Kate?, 0.5*Jerry, .5*Andrew
  • Tao/weirdshit (other than healing): .5*Andrea, .5*Charles
  • Other - .5*Jerry, .5*Andrew

Marleigh and Heidi still have concepts mentioned, but aren't on here. Several of you slackers don't have concepts mentioned at all.  :-)

What's "Support"? It looks like I could do retainer to Yoshi, if Chris and I could get along. (Which Chris?) Sorry, can't do "Sneak". -- Heidi

I'm the cwalshy kind of Chris. We may or may not have met at La Mancha sometime. I see no reason why we wouldn't get along. Yoshi could certainly have a plucky retainer or sidekick. -- cwalsh

I meant "Support" to be fairly broad - buffing is part of it, but in Oath terms, I'd have considered Sophia ("I've got the WIDGET to do THE THING!"), Ciernan (For the earth walls, fogs, etc.), and Sharra ("Let me fix your Tech") to all be support, as well as Kith. I'm not quite sure how the techies convert into this genre - probably some kind of zen/tao weirdshit. Healing is really part of support, but it's important enough that I thought it was worth giving it its own category. "Other" is likely to wind up overlapping with support too, I think. -- Charles

People who have no concepts yet are planning to be circus ninja and sorcerers, right? We're going to be *sad* if we have no sneaks and only one sorcerer. (I don't care so much about the circus part - I figure the GMs will deal if we all wind up being Court.  :-) ) -- Charles

I am likely to have some sneakiness, but unlikely to be a kickass thiefy thief (see "swiss army knife"). -- Andrea

Yeah, yeah, I'll be sneaky. --Kate

Party Aspects

  • Winter
    • Bear:
    • Dog: Rob/Shen Wei Han (with strong Bear tendencies)
    • Crane: Brian/Deng Zhi-Hao, Heidi/Lijuan
  • Spring
    • Tiger: Diandra
    • Tortoise: Tom/Master Zhou, Chris/Yoshi
    • Monkey: Marleigh/Hiro, Meg
  • Summer
    • Butterfly: Charles/Takanata
    • Phoenix: Derrick/Shen-Ji Yang, Kate/Song Min Feng, Andrea/Hanako, Kurgan/Anto
    • Serpent: Adina/Wu Shuyan
  • Fall
    • Fox: Jerry/Cai Wen, Cael/Xian
    • Spider: N/A
    • Magpie: Andrew/Li Merit