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Here are pltos and notes for Xiao Fa to keep track of. Maybe a puttering log is appropriate, to keep track of putterings that I may forget.


Active Putterings/GM Questions

  • Xia Fa and Ting Ting - done. gave her a honeyvine packet.
  • Xiao Fa and Yanyu - resolved, mostly
  • Trip to the Reflected City
  • Back to Meng Ao Again - healed. disturbing vision described.
  • Followup:Visiting the Hand of the Wind - Master Tsen has passed away
  • More Noodle Soup - made and given to Cai Wen to taste. need more cooking skill
  • Xiao Fa and the Monk in White - resolved, mostly?
  • To the White Pagoda - awaiting Tom
  • Lijuan Asks Questions - ongoing
  • Followup: Xiao Fa and the Garden (and memories) - garden helped memeories but is not finished
  • Cai-Wen's homework - resolved, I think
  • Shtick Questions - answered

On Being the Hand of the Dragon

Ting Ting used that term on Xiao Fa, and he won't admit it out loud, but he does kind of like the sound of it.

The Glow

Look here for notes about it and on whom and when to use it.

On Being the Xiao Fa of New Rivers

Healing Wounds

  • Two infrastructure wounds remain
  • Two resources wounds remain

Widows and Orphans Fund

Currently contains (probably more than) 12 Li. Li Merit said that it had gone up in the most recent fund disbursement, but that he would leave it in a fast growth something, so that there would be money there when we needed it.

On Garnering Help

Currently asking Brother Sochu (and possibly Sister Aiyu) of the Meihua Sannong to come inspect the situation and tell him what they think the next steps are.

On Helping Li Kao

Xiao Fa feels badly that they failed utterly to do anything with Li Kao's prayer beads when they had them, and hopes to be able to do something about rescuing or helping him. When he visited the Temple of Invisible Wind, he chose to listen to the wind for a way to help Li Kao. This is what he saw:

You look out over the mountain, and the plains beyond and the rivers and hills... it's very hard to see. Something blocks your sight, but there are two men, your men, sitting across from each other at a campfire, waiting for you. They do not share your goal, but you may be able to get them to assist during their attempt at their own.

Sounds like Keepers of the Hoard to this one.

On Being Master Tenzin's Great Work

Quite dizzying.

Ok, Xiao Fa thinks it goes something like this:

  • The Order's Great Work under Master Tenzin was a mystery to most of the Order
  • Sister Aiyu, when asked about it by Xiao Fa, opined that if Xiao Fa didn't know anything about it, she certainly didn't
  • When dying, Master Tenzin's last words on this earth were that Xiao Fa should stay the Path
  • The Monk Xiao Fa in New Rivers thought it necessary to report back Xiao Fa's progress when Xiao Fa was able to save him
Xiao Fa sure gets a lot of attention for a somewhat junior monk
  • Master Tenzin Severed Xiao Fa's chi (along with his then-Spider aspect and most of his memories)
  • While this is what Xiao Fa wanted, it is a complicated ritual needing about 8 participants and involving some peril. So it's not likely he did it just to make this one feel better about himself
  • And yet after all that work and effort (which this one thinks had to happen TWICE, possibly because he failed once and asked for his aspect back, in order to save Master Zhou, which likely didnt work), Master Tenzin still kept the whole thing a secret from everyone, especially Xiao Fa
  • This one thinks that part of the point was that this one stay humble, and not re-learn bad habits, that this one stay on the path of selflessness
  • If there is going to be a Spider Emperor, he will be chosen from among the marked, those whom the Spider has Touched personally
  • If there is going to be a Dragon Emperor, he will be chosen from among those the Dragon (or his Hand?) has Touched personally
  • The Empire will reflect the personality and mores of the Emperor
  • Master Tenzin wanted someone on the Path of Selflessness to choose the Dragon Emperor candidates