Kuan-Xi's Guide to Sorcerers

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Notes and other sorcerers

  • Hao Hento - ritualist for the Upward Line (no element listed in log)
  • Jia-Jia - Shen-Ji's daughter, pictomancer(what element is that?)
  • Sa Zhenren - the only sorcerer known to use lightning (under consideration)
  • The Purple Duke's mage, a swamp sorcerer (water/wood)

Note that the Firelord has one of each kind of sorcerer at his court, but we only know one of their names.

Fire dukes employ fire sorcerers and water dukes employ water sorcerers.

Sorcerers who work for important people seem to often have their names missing from logs. I have seen a number of references to "So and so's sorcerer" without actually giving them a name.