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The Tanzhe Plain is the triangle situated between the Forest of Chin, the Jasmine River, and the coastal countries. The Plain is frequently contested between the Plains of Honor, the Forest of Chin, and the Hon'eth Arcade; as of the Tenth Year of the Bear since the Third Treaty of Houses, it is part of the Hon'eth Arcade.



The Plain exhibits three distinct topographical zones:

  • The riverine lowlands in the south and west, along the Jasmine River
  • The plain proper, extending north and east from the river into the rest of the Hon'eth Arcade
  • The hill zone in the southeast, anchored by Nan Yue, one of the Five Sacred Peaks of the Empire


The Tanzhe Plain is currently governed by Lo Xiao Fa, an Imperial scion who is widely rumored to be maneuvering to ascend the Dragon Throne. His mandate as Provincial Governor was formally granted by the House of Benevolent Oversight, though in practice, the House of Exuberant Interference appears to be the main logistical support for Governor Lo.

There are several towns large enough to have their own mayors. They attended Governor Lo's installation ceremony, offering de facto support, though there has been no indication thus far of the governing mechanic which Governor Lo intends to use.


  • Conquered by the House of Exuberant Interference: Casting_the_Die, Month of the Butterfly in the Tenth Year of the Bear since the Third Treaty of Houses
  • Peaceably taken by the Plains of Honor: Night_of_Gates_VI.1 , Month of the Spider in the twelfth Year of the Magpie since the Forest Wind changed direction.
  • Conquered by the Forest of Chin: The_Eternal_Dream, Month of Fox Descending in the the second Year of the Fox since the ascension of the High Warlord Ze.
  • Held by the Savanna of Tears immediately before the run

Seat of Government

The seat of government of the Tanzhe Plain is a permanent tent structure named the Silken Palace of Wisdom, situated on a small hill in the heart of the Tanzhe Plain.

The administrative center of the Tanzhe Plain is the nearby Pavilion of Abundant Tea, wherein Governor Lo's advisors and allies are known to pass many hours while discussing the issues of the day, awaiting urgent news from the Butler, and preparing to take Exuberant actions at a moment's notice.

Some other tents of note:

  • The Shield Canopy, which is the headquarters of the Dragon's Fang (previously known as the Tanzhe Irregulars)
  • The Urchin Tent, which appears to have been cobbled together from pieces of other tents. Its denizens hold themselves in constant readiness to do the bidding of Foon Lijuan, even though she is a noble in an entirely different country.
  • The House of Joyful Contemplation, a fledgling Geisha House, reputed to have been established after someone overheard Lord Zhu of the House of Exuberant Interference remark to this effect: "I don't mind that this is a one-horse town composed entirely of tents, but the lack of geisha is seriously killing me."
  • The House of The Sudden Victory, a fledgling casino, reputed to have been established after someone overheard Lord Zhu remark to this effect: "Of course there's a casino somewhere. It's just mistaking itself for a card game right now."



  • Three Seasons: The home of Mistress Tealeaf. Now also home to Shintao The Wise, who was loaded into the Marriage Cannon and fired at Mistress Tealeaf. Mistress Tealeaf's tea house has been newly renovated.
  • Buzhen Port: A port town on the Jasmine River in the northwest of the province, which was the focus of bandit activity for some time.
  • Tiger's Landing: A port town on the river near the foothills of Nan Yue. Frequented by the Monkey Bard. Was almost the scene of a tragic massacre during Testing, One Two Three
  • Blood Hill: A strategic town in the east of the province. Home of Galuki, who became a supporter of the governor after being invited to Lo Xiao Fa's installation. He is often cranky, among other things because his house has the unfortunate adjective "Always sacked".
  • Leaves In Spring: The domain of Madame Zheng, who as mayor keeps the town so well-organized that they don't even think of her as the government.
  • Fallen Castle: A town a the foot of a hill topped by a ruined castle, wherein resides Sakomoto, the defender of the town. Visitors are advised not to get on his bad side unless they have advanced dodge pool capabilities.
  • Crooked Hill: A strategic town near the border with the Forest of Chin. It was the site of a desperate defense by Izumi during the liberation of the Tanzhe Plain by the House of Exuberant Interference.


These are some of the better known temples, all situated in the hills around Nan Yue:


The Monkey Bard draws large crowds wherever he goes, mainly because people want to see what happens the next time he crosses Governor Lo. Lord Zhu of the House of Exuberant Interference has been urging Governor Lo not to kill him.


Xiao Fa is working on Tanzhe Plain Homework