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Li Merit, Magpie "Scrounger" Dragon Spy



Li, an extremely common family name.

Merit, a translation of the given name.

Yep, it's only half Chinese. At least I can remember it this way.

He goes by "Li Merit" or "Merit".


Li Merit is older, perhaps a young 50. A little heavy, a little grey, but still shows signs of having been a fit man in the past. He can pull off distinguished in a pinch.

He's generally cheerful, but often a little gruff.


Li Merit was a relatively successful merchant in his younger days, moving around the Twelve Kingdoms buying and selling whatever he could carry in what was usually a one-man operation. He took on partners and workers from time to time, but they never really got on well enough to keep.

He retired from merchanting around a decade ago, and settled in the Butterfly Kingdom.

Li Merit was a Spy for the Butterfly Kingdom in his younger days, and retired a while back.

This lasted just a year or two. Urged by itchy feet and a dwindling cash supply, Merit joined the Circus as a low-key hobby. This quickly blossomed into a bigger job as props master and stage manager.


Merit is a strangely gregarious Magpie. He likes to collect things, favors, friends, information, and money. He knows a little bit about lots of things, but isn't much use in a fight.


  • Adina -- Wu Shuyan: Li Merit has a soft spot for Wu Shuyan. He joined the circus after she did, but she was still around 5. He's watched her grow up. Since her mother died, he's become a bit more protective.
  • Andrea -- Tokai Hanako (pending approval)
  • Andrew (Twyman) - Anto rescued Merit from a rough mugging in a town in ?Kingdom?. Merit invited Anto and his teacher Master Koji to caravan with the Circus for a while, and they accepted.
  • Brian - Deng Zhi-Hao: Merit delivered a message to Brian about his father, prompting Brian's return to the Butterfly Kingdom.
  • Cael - Xiān -- nope.
  • Charles - At the request of Tokai Takanata, Merit arranged for a water color artist to travel to the Butterfly Court with the Circus. When she arrived, her attempts to paint Ti Wren were stymied by a lack of a particular pigment not found locally. Merit managed to scrounge some up.
  • Chris - Yoshi: Merit and Yoshi met when Yoshi caravaned with the Circus on a short journey. Some time later, they met again, and Merit mentioned a wild woman he'd met a few towns back.
  • Derrick - Shen-Ji Yang: Shen-Ji Yang asked Merit to deliver the message to Brian about his father's troubles.
  • Diandra - Tsai Su-yin: ??
  • Eon - Xiao Fa: Xiao Fa and Merit's paths have crossed several times. They swap tales of the road and trade medicinal supplies.
  • Heidi - Lijuan: Merit caught Lijuan trying to steal from the Circus (or, more likely, interceded when someone else caught her). After an interaction that confused both of them, Merit let her go.
  • Jerry - circus.
  • Kate -- Song Min Feng While visiting her father's house when she was five, caught her hiding behind a curtain trying to listen to the grown ups.
  • Marleigh — Tokai Hiroki: (pending approval) The twins snooped around the Circus when it was setting up near their home town. Merit gave them a tour, and, thinking that they were unusual, offered to bring them along when the Circus left. Later, however, he noticed them at a performance for the Court, in their finery. Nothing more was said on the topic.
  • Meg - Rumor has it she's a ninja! Rumor also has it that this may be Merit's fault through too many interesting ninja stories.
  • Robert - Shen Wei Han: About five years ago, Tetsuki Ijichi, a VIP caravaning with the Circus was worried about assassination attempts. Since Tetsuki was connected to the Regency Council/Dragon Army, Merit arranged an escort with Chang Hu, a nearby Dragon Army commander. That escort was Shen Wei Han, who accompanied the VIP all the way to the Wall. This ended up being a permanent transfer for Shen Wei Han.
  • Tom - ??

Possible Stats

Physical Mental Spiritual
Body Reflexes Mind Social Tao
Force/Offense Strength = 3 Accuracy = 3 Intelligence = 8 Charisma = 6 Yang = 3
Precision/Defense Resistance = 3 Dexterity = 3 Wit = 5 Grace = 3 Yin = 0
Reserve Health = 3 Energy = 3 Resolve = 5 Status = 3 Chi = 3
Hit Points HP = (Health + Energy) * 5 = 30
Move Move = (Strength + Energy) / 2 = 3

Possible Shticks

I've Got One of Those

Power 3, Freq 2, Source 1, Concept 1

Once per run, Merit can produce a fairly common item on demand.

I've Got A Buddy Around Here

Power 3, Freq 2, Source 1, Concept 1

Once per run, Merit can recall an old buddy in the area. Extra time to activate.

Old Supply Cache

Power 6, Freq 2, Source 1, Concept 1

Once per run, Merit can recall an old supply cache he left in the area. Extra time to activate.



When party gets 100 unit of money, Merit gets a bonus N units of money.

Possible Skills

5 pt (15)

  • 1 Detective
  • 1 Medicine
  • 1 KS Recurring NPC's

4 pt (24)

  • 1 Conversation
  • 1 Gather Information
  • 1 Passive Perception
  • 1 Psychology
  • 1 Spycraft
  • 1 Well Traveled

3 pt (30)

  • 1 Acting
  • 1 Bargaining
  • 1 Concealment
  • 1 Disguise
  • 1 Forgery
  • 1 KS: Twelve Kingdoms
  • 1 Memory
  • 1 Negotiation
  • 1 Streetwise
  • 1 Tactics

2 pt (18)

  • 1 Administration
  • 1 Appraisal
  • 1 Foraging (urban)
  • 1 History
  • 1 Holdout
  • 1 Intimidation
  • 1 KS: Underworld
  • 1 Seduction
  • 1 Storytelling

1 pt (7)

  • 1 Calligraphy
  • 1 Cooking
  • 1 Event Planning
  • 1 Groveling
  • 1 Humor
  • 1 Swimming
  • 1 Tea Ceremony

Li Merit's Portable Library

Li Merit's Divine Skein