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Short version: the one with the bow who's all "WOOOO!!"

Long version: Foon Lijuan, last heir of the Bear Emperor, is the wife of Siew Zhuai. She bears the heir who will unite their formerly warring houses. She loves children and animals and has a knack for finding wild creatures and nursing them back to health. She is healthy and clean now, but her wide, dark eyes, prominent cheekbones, and small stature suggest that she went hungry often during childhood.

Lijuan was raised in the servants' nursery of House Sung, a minor noble house in the Forest of Chin. She was just old enough to start work for the huntmaster when the house was brought down by intrigue. High Warlord Ze, the Overlord of the Forest of Chin was persuaded to award all her master's lands and retainers to House Zhen as "reparations" for an offense committed by the heir to House Sung. Caught speaking out against this change, Lijuan and "her" faithful dog Ho fled her new master in terror of her life.

For two years Lijuan lived off the land: hunting, gathering, and occasionally stealing to make her way. Li Merit caught her attempting to steal from the circus, fed her, and sent her away. Presumably alerted to Lijuan's presence by Merit, Yoshi encountered her shortly after her interaction with the circus. Yoshi patiently lured Lijuan into a meeting then demanded her service in repayment for her thefts from him. Lijuan is somewhat confused by this arrangement, but understands that Yoshi's idealism is providing her food and shelter and is anxious to keep these benefits.

When she departed the Butterfly Kingdom, Lijuan's dark hair was thick but short, raggedly covering her ears (she pins it under a hat when performing); it has grown nearly to her shoulders since then. She is no longer quite as skeletal in appearance as she used to be, but much of her (nearly new) clothing is now too short for her -- she has grown several inches since her arrival in the Butterfly Kingdom. She has filled out while traveling with the circus and it is now possible to detect traces of the wiry, energetic child she was and the compact, focused woman she may become.

Lijuan is a remarkable archer. She has a bit of "sneak", some training as a huntsman, and an ebullient personality.

As of Children of the Bamboo Foon Lijuan was age 15. At this time the party helped her fake her death, shave her head, and return as Xiao Fa's new (male) student Grasshopper. Grasshopper is following (or pretending to follow) the Selfless Path. His role in the Threefold Plum Blossom Sect is atypical; he prefers to practice his healing on animals, though he makes exceptions for children and emergencies.

As Yoshi taught her, Lijuan tries to forgive and convert her enemies. Kibo the Yumekui lives on her lands, she's married Siew Zhuai, she is guardian to Bobby Li, and her Majordomo Lucinda is one of four representatives of the Light in the Empire.

As of the end of Imperial_Wedding, Lijuan is no longer disguised as Grasshopper. She's trying to train Kawaii the panda not to kill party members, and her hair is rapidly growing back.


Blood of the Bear's Last Child
The Child Emperor is no more,
only the Child Emperor remains.
"My guess, although I have not yet been able to consider it carefully, is that it means although the last Bear Emperor (the Child Emperor) is gone, you as his descendant are to be the Emperor of Children. But again, which Children and why, I do not know. -- Takanata


"You have much still to learn. In order to go further on your path, go, and seek out six other masters of combat. No more than one should be in ranged combat; the others must be either masters of martial arts or of melee weapons. Study with each of them for at least one hour.
Aikido, Yoshi An instructor in the Hidden City.
Leaping Flame, Master Fu, Done.
Turning Wave, Master Hwa, Done.
Sword, Master Deng, Done.
Yellow Silk (dodge) Done.
Longbow, Master Jiantou, Done.
"Then, go and teach what you have learned to a child, and have them demonstrate to me that you have taught them well enough to show that you have learned enough of the form."
"When you have completed this with all six forms, meditate on the experience, and then come and tell me what you have learned." -- Master Zhou
More Rules

Lijuan's Stories

Lijuan's Drawings

"So it is, and so it will be. In the kitchen garden of your House, twelve radishes are growing. When you eat one of the radishes, Sometimes the words you speak in the next rounds will be heard. Burn the leaves of the radish and scatter the ashes upon water. If your words are heard, then Perhaps an answer will be seen in the ashes."

Dynasty symbol of Utmost Mortal Judgement, Foon


Character Sheet

Schtick sources





Master Jiantou

Ming Lieren

She will teach you "Ambush: When striking from hiding or surprise, the target has no resistance."  This is power 6, and she teaches it to you at frequency 1.  She instructs you to meet her again when you have used it.  Then you may describe the prey you used it upon, and tell the story properly, and if she finds your story an acceptable hunt, then she will teach it to you at a higher frequency.

She will also teach you "Choose Time: May reroll a speed roll", which is power 3, and again she teaches it to you at frequency 1.   When you meet her again, you will tell her what you have done to hunt the ones that you hide from, and if she finds your story an acceptable hunt, then she will teach it to you at a higher frequency.

Ask Shen-Ji about talking to demons.

Also, consider bonuses to resolve rolls when animal companion is present.

Tentative ideas for future schticks

Spend 13 Eps buy up frequency of charging boar (or get another level 4 schtick), shoot twice, falcon's dive, crane's force.

Protective Panda: 1/run, Kawaii blocks/takes a strike meant for Lijuan. Power 9.

Carrier Pigeons

Orphan-net: Plus something to gather information, only usable in populated areas, only usable during the day. (Works with character concept but not with crane/archer.)

Urchins: Once per run, urchins do something useful. (Out of concept?)

Tracking: Something useful for collecting clues in a location, since we don't seem to have much of that in the party. Also train Ho to track?

Messenger: Travel from point A to point B to deliver a message, disregarding obstacles.

Aimed shot: When I roll doubles on my speed roll, I get an increased damage multiplier to attack in the doubled segment.

Detect Bad Guy: So that she won't accidentally mug good guys if she becomes a highwayman in the Forest of Chin.

Scry: Fits with Crane?
Oracle: 1/run, spend a Chi to say something cryptic and true (power 4, frequency 1) (Melina)

Gotta Catch 'Em All: (Power 6, Frequency 4, Source 2, Concept 2)

Lucky Black Arrow: 1/book, my arrow can't be dodged. Freq 1, Power 7. (Hikaru)

Non-lethal damage


Guard dog: Ho can block or deflect one blow without injury.

Skills notes (out of date)

Buy True Beureaucracy


Plot hooks

Protect the Children
Be ready to study with Ming Lieren.
Protective of Yoshi.
Not getting in trouble with Tokai Takanata/Yoshi.
"Make up for all the trouble you've caused."
Hatred of House Zhen.
Justice for House Sung.
Guilty of various petty thefts, including theft of Ho.
Avenge and/or find parents & sister.
Protect the children.
Figure out who the lady in the painting is.
Don't get Master Zhou angry.
Meet the Large Whale Spirit and the Great Monkey Spirit.
Find a spirit and ask if it would protect an appropriately tattooed child.
Understand everything, with Xiao Fa's help.
Protect Hana(?)
Find a master archer to study with.
Heal the healthless.
Make it safe to drop the Grasshopper disguise.
Don't get recognized as Lijuan
Find an aikido master to finish master Zhou's homework.
Train with Hikaru on the Isle of Beauty.
Ambush prey in a dramatic way and bring the tale to the Huntress.
Hunt Lijuan's hunters & report to the Huntress.
Honor my ancestors at a shrine in the Hidden City.
Bring the uncursing silk to Yoshi. ZiKone has given us a painting of Yoshi's Path which suggests he left the Isle of Beauty in the south, traveled to the Warlord's Throne, then south to the Savanna (Jabon?), then north again to somewhere near Dutiful Serenity. Perhaps he's on his way to Reiko in the Roof of the World?
Meet with Siew Zhuai in the Port of Propitious Voyage.
Marry Siew Zhuai or not
Avoid being killed by the Marked (for being a Bear heir).
Research "panda taming" -- Bear will help.
Grow up
Buy a new funnel in the arcade.
Work with Ling Ken to throw parties for urchins.(fink)
Keep watch on the house full of urchins in City of Spires.
Owes a debt to the majordomo who gave her the house in the City of Spires (Yuan Anshi). Delegated to the yellow duke at a party.
Visit the Tien Shih Tao temple of celestial mastery in Bear Mountain.
Utterly defeat the demon Cruelty to Animals.
Help Xiao Fa talk to Whale.
Find the baby dragon.
Rename Choose Time to Branching Paths and teach it to Kasumi.
Ask Shen-Ji what my betrothal necklace does.Locate betrothed.
Ask Xiao Fa about responsibilties to vassals, or whatever.
Buy choose time up to 1/turn, maybe.
Impress Ming Lieren, possibly <del>by hunting the demon of animal cruelty.
remembering how she was killed in Night of Gates V. (?)
Preserve the nature of the Forest of Chin
Hunt the ice wyrm
In debt to Ezokin (could entice him to meet with us & accept payment in exchange for green item or return of appropriated items.)
Replace Ho's collar
Figure out this politics thing and cope.
Pick up KS: imortals or something similar
Become imortal or undying.
Remind Xiao Fa to figure out what that bit of spirit trailing off that way is... (probably Ezokin)
Urchin-net as part of my husband tree
Visit House Xing during the next puttering.
Support House Xing in war vs. the North.
Urchin couriers employed by House of Exuberant Interference in the Harbor of Fortunate Arrival.
Clear sea monster penalties from magic ritual.
Check on "handmaidens" employed by circus.
Learn Placed Shot II and Shoot Twice from Hikaru.
Remove mortal encrustations, via meditation or otherwise.
Boar's Charge Homework
Buy new falling tortoise tattoo in the Illuminated Precincts.
Rescue Takanata
Info on Toro to House Xing
Gain grossity
Untaint aggressive panda schtick
Figure out what happened to the urchins from the fruit fight run and clean up loose ends. (Animal Cruelty eaten by Forest of Chin, Excellence eaten by wolves, Enigma matured(?), Rage given meditation exercises(?), Ignition(?), Footsteps(?), Greed(?))
KS Long Lived from Imperial Library -- 50li, summer 2017.
Cleanse disobedience psych lim
Help The Smith with metalworking — She's easy to find in the Arcade.
Name the baby Kyou.
Improve communications with the Forest of Chin (the demon).
Kawaii has 2 points of not nomming my enemies during combat!
Build a lucky rock garden
Get courier horse shoes for some of House Foon/Siew messengers.
See what Lucinda does as Lijuan’s majordomo of the Light
Check in on Beastmaster Zhou's urchins and the invisible dire wolf
Escape route from the world after

War orphans

A king sits upon his throne. He may think he built his nation but only architects can build a palace.
One-shot nummy: You can modify a room to enhance or detract from the social status of anyone at the focus (usually, but not necessarily, a throne).
One-shot nummy: You can modify a room to suppress one class of shticks and forbid their use within.

Personal Effects

Arrows (quiver and spare)
money in multiple locations
Fairly safe fountain fireworks
Bottle of medium quality plum wine
Dog treats
Horse treats
Monkey treats
Leftovers from most recent meal
Pen knife
Fish hooks
5' Rope
Water skin
Fly swatter

Fletching supplies
Change of clothes
Dress clothes suitable to a retainer
Change of shoes
Circus costume
Warm, tidy, respectable clothes
Horse named Tabun [1], probably small and brown with black mane and tail

To buy: blunt arrows.


Spider Trophy