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Considered the premier traveling circus in the Twelve Kingdoms and the Butterfly Kingdom's main cultural export, the Silken Wings Circus spends half of the year training and performing at the Court, and half the year traveling through the Empire performing and gathering new talent.

It is said that the Silken Wings can at times seem to flit from place to place without being seen traveling, leading to rumors of special Butterfly mystical abilities, disguises, or the knowledge of secret underground passageways running beneath the Twelve Kingdoms.

On last year's progress around the Twelve Kingdoms, the Circus had important news to share.

Notable Circus Folk

  • Ringmaster Te, having been grievously injured by zombies on his first (accidental) foray into the Northern Lands, may be less keen to lead the circus procession next time we are in the barbarian lands. Happily, he has completely recovered from his wounds.
  • Li Merit (Drew) has served as the provisioner and stage manager for the Circus for about ten years, after retiring from his travels as a merchant.
  • Zhu Cai-Wen (Jerry) has only recently joined the circus after being escorted to the Butterfly Kingdom by Shen Wei Han. His official role is to warm up the crowd before a performance, but he does other odd jobs as well. His pet ferret is nearly as popular with young women as he is. He has been dabbling with fireworks, and may switch over to assisting the Fireworks Master.
  • Wu Shuyan (Adina) has been a circus performer all her life, from acrobatics to cart driving. Her special talents, however, are in snake charming, including the use of chi-enhanced snakes in healing. Now a Headliner!

Circus Acts

Some of the better Circus acts (headliners in bold).

"How does a monk fight the dawn?" "Why will a ring never shine?" Match wits with the Riddlemaster and prove before all the subtlety of your mind.
Observe as Enlightened Melina peels back the veils of fate!
(Enlightened Melina has recovered from her ginkano root poisoning.)
  • Comedy Min-Su and her Amazing Monkeys of Distraction!
Witness the comedy stylings of Min-Su, lady of monkeys. The wacky hijinks of Min-Su's "comedy team" will enliven any gathering, lift any worry, and relieve any stress. None can watch the show without laughing, but you are welcome to try...
  • The Knife Throwing of Silent Han!
Alas, Silent Han was killed in Odds and Ends.
  • The Mighty Kar Lo, Strongest Man Alive
  • The Amazing Juggling of Gipeno!
(Akimoto is totally recovered from his broken legs.)
  • Artemisia, Mistress of the Green Needle
(the circus costume mistress, not actually an Act)

New Circus Folk and Their Jobs

  • Anto - Acrobatic tumbling
  • Yang Shen-Ji - He has quite a nice sword-swallowing act, it appears.
  • Xiao Fa - Extra healer, cook, and manual laborer.
  • Hana and Hiro - Melody and Harmony, a song-and-dance duo. (Hana also helps out with Tea Service on the road.)
  • Qin Yanyu - Translator of barbarian tongues and potential backup healer.
  • Yoshi - Danger chef and Advance Man. Danger Chef is now an official circus act!
  • Xian - prestidigitation and confounding